What Does Your Financial Future Look Like?

Can you continue your current standard of living throughout retirement without the risk of running out of money?  Answer these 9 questions to see what your current plan looks like today!

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When do I start social security?

Do you know that waiting to file for your social security benefits could increase your benefits by 100's of thousands of dollars?  NO JOKE! An upper middle-class, two-income family could see a difference of as much as $300,000, if both spouses live to 90.

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What Keeps you Up At Night?

One of Baby Boomers biggest fears today is outliving their money.  There is no one-size-fits-all retirement plan. How can we help you Enjoy the Ride?

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Don't Risk More Than You Can Afford

Whether you have a retirement nest egg $50,000 or $5,000,000, we can help you make sure it works as hard and as smart as you did in earning and saving it.  Like many people, your retirement may last thirty years or more.  You simply cannot afford to make mistakes with your retirement money and run the risk of ruining your lifestyle during your leisure years.  We have helped individuals and couples, at all economic levels, to achieve their financial and long-term goals. Is your current plan vulnerable to risks, that can happen after retirement, that could affect how you spend your retirement?

Dream Retirement

tax-free money for long-term care!

As eldercare replaces childcare as the number one issue facing baby boomers, Tax-Free Money for Long-Term Care is one book you need to take back control of your life and provide excellent long-term care for your aging loved ones without them going broke in the process.


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